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In the Face of Death

A divorced woman called the HELP Line, crying. Her mother was on her deathbed, but she lived in Mankota, MN. She desperately wanted to go see her, and her mother had been asking for her. She had a car, but she knew it would never stand the several hundred mile trip. It barely took her back and forth to work in Grand Forks, ND.
We called her mother's doctor in Mankota. (We always do our best to verify the veracity of a person's claim. You hate to not trust people, but we are the stewards of the funds graciously given by our donors, and we feel the cost of a phone call is just good insurance.) The doctor assured us that the daughter's mother had, at best, a week left, and that the mother had been asking over and over again to see her daughter.
A bus ticket was purchased. The daughter left that afternoon. When she returned, a week later, she called to tell us that she had gotten there in time to spend two days with her mother before she died. She was also able to take care of making the funeral arrangements and to be there for the services.

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- Father Gerald Potter, Grand Forks, ND -